Monday, 25 January 2010

The Menu

No self - indulging here, I'll cut to the chase and post the menu for last Saturday. We think it is shear genius but as I said, no self - agrandizing here...

An Amuse Bouche Phenom: Truffle infused custards served with a prosciutto crisp
Wine: Cremant de Loire

1st Course: Red cabbage gazpacho served with a mustard ice cream
Wine: Gavi

2nd Course: Lime sorbet intermezzo

3rd Course: Poached halibut served with a pistachio gremolata and a lemon mousseline sauce
Wine: Pinot Bianco

Dessert: Delice of chocolate with ginger gelato and cumin caramel (this comes with a very surprising discovery)

Mint Tea

Adopting a Puppy

Are you tired of visiting flawless London restaurants with perfect track records real depth of character, life or comfort?

Are you tired of not meeting an utterly delusional lover and her journalist Mister sitting next to you waxing on about his filming in Karachi and her hanging from chandeliers? The kind you’d find in an eccentric dinner party you considered joining before you added that last spot of ‘lippy’.

Have you read flawless food blogging sites that seem engineered disengaged and far too competent for the nascent chef? You've come to the right place.

I hold court with my partner in crime Faiza and we run an underground supper club called Urban Sage, and I, yes I, am completely untrained, unaccomplished culinary lout with absolutely no expertise in anything having to do with food. I have an immature palate (it’s maturing), an understocked pantry and a penchant for purchasing food that's already been prepared. In my defence, I read some impossible cookbooks that require supplies normally found in a laboratory, oh and I actually use Faiza as my cover for legitimacy (she is le cordon bleu trained.)

Why, then--you may be wondering--have I conceived a new blog dedicated to food?

The answer is easy. Despite my lack of knowledge, I have a great deal of curiosity when it comes to all things food related. A piddling passion, so to speak. My friends, unfortunately, think this is silly.

"This is silly," my friends say. "Can't you focus on something interesting? Like dating utterly dysfunctional men and reporting back with epic stories of disaster for our enjoyment?"

But my passion is persistent. The time has come for a forum of my own. A place where I can hang my hat and say: "Thanks for holding my hat." And I think this is it.

Cooksitandeatsit (that's me) has three major goals:

#1: To encourage more food aficionados and non (me), to take a leap of faith in a bourgeoning new supper club and join us for a meal. They say opening a restaurant is a bit like having a child. Since I am not in the business of baby making these days (I also leave that to Faiza), I did what any sane and pseudo-selfish potential mother would do, and adopted my very own puppy. I gave birth to a supper club.

#2: To encourage the ingredient trepidatious to cook more. Using our digital camera and kitchen, I will serve as your very own private Lewis and/or Clark; stalking my way across the knotty kitchen terrain, attempting recipes the brave, the deluded and of course only the imaginative would attempt. Hopefully, you will be so inspired by my derring-do that you will drop the computer you're reading this on and go cook something yourself. (NOTE: I will not be responsible for any wonky dropped laptops).

#3: To become an internet phenomenon. Look, I'm not going to lie. I have an ego to protect, and if one must be utterly candid I have little desire to stay in this unsatisfying rat race. When people ask me what I do, I stare at them dumbly and mumble hoping they think I've swallowed a chromosome. The truth is that the one thing I'm good at, the one thing that I care most about is writing and food. And this blog allows me and Faiza the opportunity to wrap our words around something that we all care enough about to do several times a day: (wait, I’ll answer that - food consumption and to ensure we have an opportunity to let that puppy grow and consider having that baby finally. Thus, my third goal is selfish. Love me, love us, and yes, love me!

Hungry yet? I hope you will join me in making The Urban Sage Supper Club the greatest non-restaurant the world has ever known and cooksandeatsit, the go-to-site you consider before you go-to-another ;) Happy Reading!